Teen girl ‘spiked’ at Leeds Festival ‘nearly died’ after suffering four-minute seizure

A teenager who had a four minute seizure after being ‘spiked’ at Leeds Festival says she has “never felt pain like it”.

Festival goer Maria Mendes, 17, was in her tent in one of the campsites on Saturday, August 27, when she had an alcoholic drink with her friends before going into the main arena.

The music lover said she then only had water while watching the acts on stage – but then suddenly “everything went black”.

Maria claimed she was unable to breathe properly, stand up on her feet, was vomiting, and felt unwell and dizzy, reports Yorkshire Live.

Her friends took her to the Leeds Festival medical tent before she “had a four-minute long seizure and almost died”.

Marisa said she “nearly lost my life” as she was rushed to hospital in an ambulance and remembers waking up to her mum “crying and praying she would live”.

She said: “I never thought this would be me. I was in the crowd and started feeling unwell and dizzy. I couldn’t stand on my own and I was throwing up. I couldn’t see and everything went black.

“I was unconscious in the medical tent for so long until I had a four minute long seizure. I had to have a tube in my nose as I couldn’t breathe.

“I nearly died as a seizure that lasts nearly five minutes is a medical emergency. My mum thought I was going to die.”

Maria said she’s “never felt pain like it” and days later she is still in pain. She added: “I woke up scared and alone in a CT scanner. No one deserves this.”

The teenager believes she was spiked via injection.

Maria now wants to raise as much awareness as possible about what happened to her to prevent it happening to other young people.

She said: “I want to bring awareness to this horrific crime that happens to so many people at these big events.

“This could’ve been prevented. The next person may not be as lucky.”

One of Maria’s friends who was with her in hospital took photographs and footage of what happened to raise awareness.

Maria shared a clip on her TikTok page which has accumulated over 1.6million views on her page @xmariamendes.

Thousands of people commented on the video offering support to the spiking victim, and some even shared their own experiences.

One TikToker replied to the video and said: “I was spiked as well at Leeds and ended up in hospital for two days with drug induced psychosis. It was honestly crazy.”

One nurse also replied and said: “We had a lot of people in from Leeds Festival into A&E. I didn’t treat you but hope you’re doing better.”

Another user added: “Sending love. Someone did this to my daughter last year. The most frightening time of my life and hers. What is the world coming to. No one is safe.”

Maria’s bravery to share her “horrific” story comes after West Yorkshire Police confirmed they were investigating two accounts of spiking with an injection at the festival held on Bank Holiday weekend.

One of the girls, who are both aged 17 and unknown to one another, suffered severe seizures in her mum’s car. She had driven 70 miles to pick up her daughter after she was told she had been spiked.

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police said: “Police are investigating after two 17-year-old girls reported being victims of possible needle spiking at Leeds Festival.

“Both girls received medical attention on site after they reported feeling unwell in separate incidents on Saturday. Crimes have been recorded for both reports and enquiries are ongoing.”